Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My return to bookstores

Well, it took me a little over two years after moving here to have my first Tucson book signing, but the paperback release of Dark Knowledge urged me out of my gargoyle-lined study and into the light of a bookstore. Two bookstores, actually. After such a long spell without a signing, I had two signing in two days this past weekend. Here's an iPhone photo of me at the first one.

Something tells me I was having a pretty good time. Thanks to Bookmans on Speedway and Bookmans on Ina for hosting me.

Since not all of you live in Tucson, not all of you could make it, but the paperback is now available on Amazon. Click the image of the Dark Knowledge poster below to grab a copy.

I also updated my handy-dandy purchase link blog post to include a link to this paperback along with the other links for purchasing Above Haldis Notch, Struck, and Dark Knowledge in all their forms at various online bookstores. Click the neon sign to visit the purchase link page.

And there's still time to play Trick-and-Treat with me for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of Dark Knowledge. Details in the Halloween Howling issue of my newsletter. Hurry though. Entries must be received before Halloween.


  1. Oh darn, I was hoping you'd be dressed up as an gargoyle, you know, in honour of your buds.

    I hope you're enjoying yourself, Keith. I know how stressful signings can be. But readers must know your book's out there for them. Which reminds me, we gotta do a guest blog thingy.

  2. My problem these days is trying NOT to look so much like a gargoyle. When I was younger, my gargoyle inside was easier to hide.

    Actually, this is probably why I keep surrounding myself with gargoyles. I'm preparing to "blend in." Ha.