Monday, March 26, 2012

Demonic Divas by Catherine Cavendish

I'm pleased to introduce a guest blogger today. I recently read Catherine Cavendish's novella, The Demons of Cambian Street, and I enjoyed it so much, I asked if she would come here and shed a little light on the dark world of demons for us.

Please give Cat a warm welcome and feel free to ask questions in the comment thread. Links to her novellas and ways to learn more about Cat are included below. Treat yourselves and take a look.

Demonic Divas

I love a good demonic diva, don’t you?

I have created a few in my time too and you’ll find two of them in my novellas, ‘Cold Revenge’ and ‘The Demons of Cambian Street’.

I’ll let you discover them for yourself but for now, I’d like to concentrate on some from the scary and mysterious world of legend and fable. There’s no shortage to choose from.

Let’s start with the Queen of them all—Lilith. She appears in just about every creation story covering most, if not all, the ancient traditions.

In Jewish tradition, she was the first wife of Adam, created, like him, out of the earth, to be his equal. But Lilith was sensual, refused to be subservient to him and was unfaithful with the Archangel Samael (who was a heady mix of both good and evil and, as the angel of death, on a par with Satan).

It may even have been Lilith who tried to tempt Adam with the apple. It all depends on which tradition you read. From Hebrew to Babylonian, Mesopotamian to Sumerian, they all have their Lilith legends.

Sexy, predatory, using men for all she could get, Lilith is frequently depicted as an irresistibly gorgeous-looking woman, with a heart as black as the night she favours. A template for evil divas everywhere, Lilith is irresistible.

But she is not alone. Don’t forget the infamous Gorgon, Medusa, of Greek mythology, her head a mass of writhing snakes (so you think you’re having a bad hair day!). She, or either of her two sisters, only had to glance at you and you were turned to stone.

Also from Greek tradition, we have Lamia, the half-woman, half-serpent vampire demon who preys on children, while, from Tibet, comes Palden Lhamo with her blue body, red hair and three eyes. Her favourite tipple was blood which she drank from a human skull. She was a feisty one who claimed that, if an image of her was erected, she would protect the Tibetan king’s shrine. It was, and she became known as the principal Protectoress of Tibet.

Then we should remember the Japanese Yuki-Onna whose irresistible beauty and misleading serenity are associated with snowstorms. She also enjoyed her pint of blood and beguiled unsuspecting young men to lonely and remote places where she then drank them dry or froze them into a block of ice…Delicious!

Yes, for power, irresistibility and sensuality, there is nothing like a demonic diva. They can keep many a paranormal writer—and reader— entranced for years.

Long may they reign!

A big ‘Thank you’ to Keith for allowing me to ‘hijack’ his blog today. If you would like to find out more about my demons, ‘Cold Revenge’ and ‘The Demons of Cambian Street’ are both published by Etopia Press and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, and other online booksellers.

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  1. Medusa is my favorite. I've never heard of the last two, but their predatory tendencies sound familiar. This is a great post, Cat!

  2. Thank you Brinda and a big thank you to Keith for allowing me to take possession (but not in a demonic way!)of his blog today.

  3. Ohhhh, i LOVE those demonic divas. I remember being entranced by Lilith as a child--showing just what direction i was headed! LOL. I am actually named for the great Goddess Tara who was a pretty gentle sort as compared to some of her fanged counterparts. Thank you for the great post and to Keith for excellent hosting skills. : )

  4. I've never heard of the Yuki-Onna before. Those poor young men are always being led astray! Great post, Cat. Thanks. Oh, and some very lovely pics as well. :)

  5. Cool! This was a fascinating read.

  6. I'd love to see a photo of the "demon diva" in The Demons of Cambian Street. That'd be a yikes moment. Ha.

  7. Thank you all. Keith, she is far too scary...

  8. Amazing! So the Japanese one put her victims on ice, in a deep freeze LOL. This post is already entrancing...making me think. Thank you Cat and Keith.