Friday, March 09, 2012

Billboard and the foot mouse -- fun with dreams

Dreaming runs in cycles with me, and I've had a very active dream life these last several months, maybe one of the most active periods since I was young. Some mornings I wake and can recall two or three vivid dreams.

I find it interesting that these recent dreams have been overwhelmingly positive. It's not that I have a lot of nightmares. I did as a child, but not many as an adult, although I definitely have frustrating or negative dreams, many of which are recurring. I suspect many are familiar. I know I've heard folks discussing the dream where they discover they're naked or in their underwear in public. I had that one for a long time, but not in the last decade or so. But here are a few recurring dreams I still have from time to time. See if any are familiar to your dreams.
  • Variations of a frustrating dream where I desperately need to run but my legs are so fatigued they barely move and ultimately stop responding at all. 
  • Variations of a panicked dream where I remember I haven't been attending a college class I must pass. Often if I don't pass, I'll either lose my job or I won't graduate. The final exam is about to begin, and I plan to take it even though I have no clue what's been covered in the course, but I can't even find the right building or classroom.The more I search, the more frustrated and panicked I become.
  • Variations of a dream where I'm ostracized for no reason I can see, usually by people who were my close friends or co-workers at some point in my life. Sometimes it's a social situation, but usually it's at a job. I have nothing to do, and no one will give me anything to do when I ask, even though everyone else is very busy. I can keep coming in and doing nothing and getting paid, but I hate it. Finally I quit the job.
  • One of my most recurring dreams is one where I must pass through a tight space in the dark. Often it's a rocky cave that gets tighter and tighter the farther I progress. Sometimes it's a small opening in a ceiling, and I have to pull myself up and through the opening. The space is so small, it doesn't seem physically possible to get through, but I know I've done it before by twisting my body just right at just the right time, and I know I must do it again. (Usually I succeed before waking.)
My current phase of active dreaming has had none of those old standbys. Instead of frustrated or panicked, I wake feeling positive and supported by friends who appeared in my dreams. Or I achieved something, and I'm satisfied and pleased. I dream of happy relationships and fun times. Some of my dreams are a bit mundane, but that's usual for me, and even the mundane ones these days are pleasant.

I've had one bad dream that I recall in this cycle. It was a few nights ago, and I don't remember ever dreaming anything like it before. I was overseeing a construction project. I climbed on a crane to be lifted a short distance to get something, but the crane went higher and higher. I looked down and saw that the men on the ground weren't paying attention. I had nothing to cling to but a rough cut out in metal that was cutting my hands, and when the crane started moving forward, it rocked me, and I knew if I fell, I'd die. I tried to yell to the men below that I was up there. Stop! I'm up here! Let me down... but the words only come out in breathy whispers. I was still rising higher, and if I were to get their attention, I had to yell now, before I was out of earshot. I concentrated on yelling one word: HELP. And boy did I yell it. And not just in my dream. I woke myself, my partner, and the dogs. Ha.

Last night I had a fun and odd dream. Actually, it was only one part of one dream (they morphed around a lot last night). Two mice came out from under my bed. The first one was white, with huge protruding ears, and he liked to sit on my foot. The second mouse to emerge was more aloof. He was brown with even bigger ears than the white one. Someone told me his name was Billboard and he was famous. I suspected his name and fame came from letting folks advertise stuff on his huge ears, but I wasn't sure.

Then the dream morphed, but the mouse part was the most vivid part of it. I don't know what the heck that dream could mean, but if I wrote children's stories, I think I'd write one titled "Billboard and the Foot Mouse."


  1. I think the "nightmare" about no one giving you any work to do sounds fabulous. I hope that happens to be today. :) I had a recurring dream when I was a kid that this evil demon was sitting in a tree outside my bedroom window telling me when my family came home he was going to kill them. I wanted to go warn them but I knew I was only safe if I stayed in my room so I felt so helpless. My favorite recurring dreams are ones in which I am flying. Just soaring through the air of my own accord. I love those dreams.

  2. Oh, flying. I used to dream fly when I was a kid. I loved it. Haven't "flown" in decades though. Pity. Kiss the dream clouds for me next time, would you, Eric?

  3. We're have very similar dreams. Wow. I hate the one where I can't run or speak. And the one where I'm naked in public and nobody notices. LOL. But the worst is where someone I love in under the ice and I can't set them free. Oh, and I also fly.

    Right now I'm painting, so I better get back to it.