Friday, February 24, 2012

Afterglow for the afterlife, a review

I boasted about my first review for Above Haldis Notch in my recent newsletter, but in case you don't subscribe, I'm boasting here too. It comes from Janet K. Brennan, publisher, author, and international book critic. Yes!

When Janet agreed to read and review my novel, she cautioned that she's always truthful in her reviews. If the novel doesn't glow, neither will the review. That frankness is what makes a reviewer credible, but it can make an authors nervous. Thankfully, I didn't have to be nervous long. Janet completed Above Haldis Notch quickly, and her review of my afterlife thriller not only glows, it leaves me with an afterglow.

If you love science fiction thrillers, and who doesn't, you are going to love Keith Pyeatt's "Above Haldis Notch." Set in a strange, rural Vermont village, author Pyeatt's characters come to life from the very first page to the last. A New England girl myself, I kept looking for those wonderful little colloquialisms that New Englanders are born knowing from the cradle to the grave, and I was not disappointed.

Pyeatt's "Horror with a Heart" thriller has all of the essentials of a brilliant, spine chilling mystery story that kept me turning the pages waiting for a hint as to how this saga was going to end. As in all good mysteries, the author shadows the villain, leaving drops of bread crumbs along the way to the ending of the book. He also dances through some deeply spiritual questions concerning life after death without the macabre as a partner. I found myself taking his warm and believable family, Grandmother Ady, their faithful dog, Sled as well as their quirky neighbors to bed with me each night.

Jenna, Pyeatt's protagonist, is a titillating and believable character, a welcomed breath of fresh air compared to so many of the other characters in spiritual/horror novels I have read. I also appreciated the fact that in this fright - bending story, once the "monster" is revealed, author Pyeatt clearly demonstrates just how hopelessly evil the antagonist is, and this reader's hope that redemption will not be part of the plot.

Keith Pyeatt writes not only in Technicolor but in 3D. Can I look forward a sequel?
The review is posted, along with some of Janet K. Brennan's other reviews, on her JB Stillwater website.


  1. I can imagine how pleased you must have been when you read this the first time. It's confirmation that you are that talented gifted writer I've been bragging about for years. I include Jack in that acclamation. You are everything Janet said because she's clear headed enough to notice. Good for her. As for you, I see only big things in your life. So exciting.

  2. Very cool, Keith. Congrats.

  3. Joylene, you always make me feel special. And about ten feet tall. Thanks!

    Thanks, Luke. I appreciate you dropping by.