Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Minions of Misery

It's about time someone started handing out awards for being dark and disturbed, and I'm honored to have received the Minions of Misery Award. It was bestowed on me by Julia Kavan, talented author of dark and steamy fiction (BLOG HERE, my interview with Julia HERE). To fulfill my duties, I must divulge a shocking and dark secret, share a dark and disturbing novel, and recommend a dark and terrifying movie. Then I earn the right to nominate three new minions of misery.

A dark secret -

As a child, I was near-sighted to the point of being legally blind without corrective lenses, but nobody knew it. It wasn't discovered until the day I started first grade. My parents were shocked. They'd worried that I was so quiet and didn't interact much with others, but I was a happy and healthy child, so it wasn't a huge concern. I got glasses at once, of course, but for years I had to be forced to wear them. Everyone thought I resisted because they were so thick and heavy that they hurt. They did, but my secret is: I didn't wear them because...I saw dead people.

Okay, that last part is a lie, but the rest is true, and I didn't wear my glasses because I was very good at keeping myself entertained without the outside world. I enjoyed making everyone else disappear.

A dark and disturbing novel -

Stephen King's Pet Cemetery. I went way into my past for this one. It's one of the first horror novels I read after graduating college, and it kicked off my ongoing love affair with the genre. It remains one of the creepiest, most disturbing novels I've read, therefore I'll always love it.

A darkly terrifying movie -

I'm reaching back again, into the same time frame when I first read Pet Cemetery. I rented a dvd of a movie called Evil Dead II. It's a strange and memorable mix of fear, dread, gross-me-outness, and humor. I've watched it at least six times over the years, and I think I may be about ready for another Evil Dead II fix. There are good reasons this movie is a dark classic.

And now to nominate three Minions of Misery (in no particular order):


  1. You enjoyed making everyone else disappear??
    OK - That explains it.....

  2. Oh Keith, I'm shocked. I never knew. You saw dead people! Oh, right you said that was a lie.

    OMG, you lied!!!

    I'm really shocked now.

  3. I'm full of shocking secrets. Well, okay, maybe that's another lie. It's so durn hard to stop once you get going. *grin*

  4. Congratulations on your award!

    I saw your comment on Joylene's blog and got interested in your writing when I saw- "Horror with a Heart." Very cool. :)

  5. Thanks for surfing over, Amanda. I'm glad to get your input on my horror with heart label. I rethink it every now and then, but I think it works for my novels.