Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Horror Novel Contest at JournalStone

Have a horror novel you'd like to get published? 

JournalStone Publishing is having a contest for horror novels that looks interesting. I'd never heard of JournalStone, but now I've done some research, traded emails with the owner, purchased one of their books for my Kindle, and read their standard contract (seems very author-friendly). They're a young small press but make no pretensions about themselves or their capabilities. I'm not qualified to endorse a contest, but I'm seriously considering entering this one. A few basics:
  • Horror novels only, at least 75,000 words
  • $2000 advance against future royalties with a publishing contract for 1st place
  • $500 advance and publishing contract for 2nd
  • $200 advance and publishing contract for 3rd
  • Submit full manuscript according to guidelines before 11 PM Pacific time, June 1, 2011
  • Novels that don't place are still considered for publication
Here's a link for full details on their website: http://journalstone.com/2000-in-2011-horror-contest

Let me know if you enter, and good luck to all who do.

   **3-3-11 update: I entered. Please wish me good luck too.


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