Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A backward step

As I mentioned in the latest edition of my newsletter (if you're not subscribed, CLICK HERE to see a copy on, I made a tough decision over the weekend and asked for the rights back to my novel Dark Knowledge. It was published as an ebook a year ago, but now it's no longer available for purchase.

Here's what happened. My publisher for that novel didn't have the success they hoped for when they expanded beyond romance and erotica novels, and they announced they will no longer publish several genres, including all the genres Dark Knowledge might be considered -- paranormal, thriller, and horror. This development meant my novel would never be printed on paper and I had no real future with this publisher. I asked if they would relinquish the rights to Dark Knowledge so I could try to get it published elsewhere, and my publisher graciously agreed.

I have no complaints with the publisher. They were always a pleasure to work with, and I agree with their decision to pull back, even though it impacts me negatively. They did a great job developing my novel, always treated me right, paid promptly, and released me when I asked. They could have held on to the rights for two more years.

So it's sad news and feels like a step backward in my writing career, but I'm glad for the experience. I got to be read, which I love, and I got to puff out my chest with reviews like THIS ONE, THIS ONE, THIS ONE, and others. And I remain hopeful that by taking this step back, I'll find a new path forward for Dark Knowledge and other novels.


  1. You are very gracious, Keith. I'm sad for you though, because I know how hard you worked. But things always work out for good people. cheers

  2. Thanks, Joylene. Yes, we know how hard the other works, don't we? I'm hoping things will work out well.