Thursday, October 28, 2010

Abbott & Costello, a Halloween treat

I watched "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" when I was in grade school. I vaguely recall the details, but I remember loving it. I remember where I watched it, who I was with, and the general feeling of the day.

This Halloween, we're full-out busy with the moving/remodeling/refurnishing, but a week or two ago, we purchased tickets for us and another couple to see a matinee showing of this classic at a theater here in Tucson. I'm really looking forward to it.

Anyone else have fun plans for Halloween?

Edited to add: I had high expectations, and the movie exceeded them. Great way to spend a Halloween afternoon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A backward step

As I mentioned in the latest edition of my newsletter (if you're not subscribed, CLICK HERE to see a copy on, I made a tough decision over the weekend and asked for the rights back to my novel Dark Knowledge. It was published as an ebook a year ago, but now it's no longer available for purchase.

Here's what happened. My publisher for that novel didn't have the success they hoped for when they expanded beyond romance and erotica novels, and they announced they will no longer publish several genres, including all the genres Dark Knowledge might be considered -- paranormal, thriller, and horror. This development meant my novel would never be printed on paper and I had no real future with this publisher. I asked if they would relinquish the rights to Dark Knowledge so I could try to get it published elsewhere, and my publisher graciously agreed.

I have no complaints with the publisher. They were always a pleasure to work with, and I agree with their decision to pull back, even though it impacts me negatively. They did a great job developing my novel, always treated me right, paid promptly, and released me when I asked. They could have held on to the rights for two more years.

So it's sad news and feels like a step backward in my writing career, but I'm glad for the experience. I got to be read, which I love, and I got to puff out my chest with reviews like THIS ONE, THIS ONE, THIS ONE, and others. And I remain hopeful that by taking this step back, I'll find a new path forward for Dark Knowledge and other novels.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Tucson house takes shape

Some pictures as the house we bought in Tucson is transformed into our home. Things are coming together nicely now. We had all the carpet replaced with tile and wood laminate, we had new lighting fixtures installed, all switches and outlets replaced, new ones installed. We had ceiling fans installed everywhere (not easy in a house with no attic or pre-wiring). Today Jack and I installed a cabinet in the kitchen and worked in that room until we can see what it will become. We're pleased. My office is coming together well. We dined for the first time at our new dining room table. We have a living room. We have all sorts of furniture. Appliances are on order. We whacked back at the overgrown back yard and are making maintenance strides on the pool. Whew, a busy 3 weeks.

Now some photos:

New living area (in progress) with new tiled floors

Old hall lighting/new hall lighting

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to celebrate a round day

Happy 10-10-10 Day!

What will you be doing (or what were you doing, depending on when you read this) at 10:10 AM on 10-10-10? I'm thinking that since it's so many nice round numbers, I should celebrate by getting rounder. Maybe I'll munch down on chocolate eclairs with one of those high-end, ultra-high calorie coffee-ish specialty drinks. That ought to soften a few of my edges.

However you celebrate this round event, hope you enjoy. It won't come round (hehehe) again for quite some time.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Making it ours

This has been an expensive week for us new Tucson residents, but soooo worth it. We bought this house with a joint vow to follow a 2-step plan. The plan: 1) Make all desired upgrades immediately, and then 2) Enjoy.

The desired upgrades included replacing all carpet with wood laminate and tile; repairing pool pump's motor (it was LOUD); having ceiling fans installed, modernizing lighting fixtures, electrical switches, and outlets; buying a whole housefull of furniture, kitchen appliances, tv's, etc.

Tomorrow evening, we'll have been Tucson residents 2 weeks, and we've come a long, long way toward meeting our goal. By week's end, we'll be close. We're so happy about all this. We're so tired from all this. We're so broke because of all this.

But happy. I did mention we're incredibly happy, didn't I? Yep, we are. This has already been ruled a "good move." The house feels like it's ours.