Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ready for Mother's Day?

The high winds in Albuquerque today are playing havoc with our blooming irises. One with three large blooms was blown to the ground, so I clipped it and made it an indoor cut flower. It looked so nice I photographed it and posted it on Facebook. See?

My highly talented artist friend, Cullan Hudson, liked it, so I gave him the photograph. He added a great background and enhanced it to look like this:

He liked it so much, he turned it into a series of Mother's Day gifts here: Mother's Day Iris Gifts.

Bottom line: My rescued purple iris is now famous, all thanks to this annoying wind and my talented friend.

Moral: When Mother Nature slaps you (or your irises) around, take a picture.


  1. Oh, I wish I were in the high desert instead of low desert (Phoenix)! You get to grow beautiful flowers like that. I miss those so much, one of my childhood favorites. Thanks for the picture. It made me smile and, yes, I am a mommy.

  2. I didn't realize Phoenix didn't grow Irises. I've always liked them too, different and nice. Early happy Mother's Day.

  3. My irises are only just greening up after a long summer... which sort of suggests they're going to be blooming late-winter.

    Now, what I really want is to try grow magnolia from seed.


    Magnolia make me happy