Saturday, March 27, 2010


We've been remodeling. Jack's painting fences, door frames, assorted moldings, and any worn spots on eaves, trim, etc. We're doing lots of little things not worth highlighting with a photo, but here are some of our bigger projects.

New sunroom. We installed the floor a couple years ago, and hired a contractor to rebuild the outside walls and replace doors and windows this year.

Sunroom again.

They finished the stucco on the outside of the sunroom Thursday. There used to be 3 dilapidated aluminum sliders, cheap white siding, and no insulation in the walls.

Outside of sunroom again.

That window used to be a door. The sidewalk looked misplaced leading into a wall, so I made the curved concrete connector this week, joining sidewalk to patio.

New oven I installed yesterday.

Now that the sunroom is well insulated, we made it part of the main house. We yanked out two big OLD aluminum windows this week, trimmed the openings, and dubbed them pass-throughs. We also removed the door. We really like it this way. The kitchen cabinet top, sink, stove, & vent were last year's projects.


  1. Very nice job! I adore the wall color--I've trying to find something like that, kind of like the skin of a butternut squash. Looks very soothing and relaxing. Hard work paid off!

  2. Thanks, Autumnforest. Jack has amazing color selection abilities. He does his "color magic" on our entire house. That color is called golden straw.

  3. Thanks for the tip!
    p.s. My word verification was
    "undedh" which is pretty good for a horror lover!

  4. I love it. It really works well. That color choice on the stucco helps tie in the bricks without either having to brick over the new section or making it look like an "add on". Hopefully, we will be able to visit you later this Spring. Ay, but the weather can be fickle. If Spring proper doesn't come soon, I'm looking for someone I need to sue. :-D

  5. Undedh, very good. Ha.

    Would love to see you guys, Cullan. Yesterday was raw here, but today promises 60's and sun without the wind. Tomorrow, near 70. Tuesday, could it really hit 76? WooHoo!

  6. Looks great, Keith!

  7. Looks so inviting. Hope you're able to get outside as much as possible. There's nothing like being out in nature.