Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good morning, spring '10

Not exactly the way I imagine being greeted by the first day of spring, but for this year, it's not too surprising. I'm definitely ready for long runs of warm weather and bright sun, but trying to appreciate the snowy view in our backyard anyway.


  1. Is that snow! OMG! Our snow is all gone. Makes you wonder what we're doing to screw up the climate, eh? Weird.

    Pretty though.

  2. Still looks a bit cold for my liking! Of course I'll be moaning about the rain given a few months.

  3. Yeah, a last (I hope) taste of the white stuff to start spring.

    Today's supposed to hit 60, and we'll do that or better for the next week, they say. I'm such a wimp about the cold now. Where I lived a decade until 7 years ago, today's high will be 40, and that'll be about it for the next week. And that's normal for this time of year.

    We'll probably take some of that rain off your hands if you can send it, Nerine. Let us know.