Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dark Knowledge at Flames Rising

Curious about Dark Knowledge? Read Chapter 1 over at the Flames Rising website (www.flamesrising.com).

Flames Rising is an online resource for fans of Horror and Dark Fantasy entertainment. The site is loaded with articles, previews, interviews, news, contests, promotions, new releases, games, events,... It's a "must bookmark" site for fans of horror and dark fiction. Check it out. For a link directly to the Chapter 1 preview of Dark Knowledge, CLICK HERE.


  1. I'm doing an interview with Michele Lee, author of ROT. She writes frightening stuff. I was wondering if you know her? I was on another list her and Maya, and in the short time I was there, I learned more about the publishing industry from them than I had in all my years of research.

    I'm off to check out Flames rising. Thanks, Keith.

  2. No, I don't know her, but I look forward to learning about her through your interview. Thanks for visiting the Flames Rising site.