Monday, November 02, 2009

Hunkering Down for November

November is here. To me, it's the month that signals the most change. Halloween is over (barely), the costumes are packed away, and my lightning bolt pumpkin is withered and waiting for trash pickup. The leaves have finished turning, and now they lay on the ground, leaving bare branches sticking up into wintry-looking skies. We've "fallen back" and said goodbye to another daylight savings period. The sun is tracking south. Days are short, nights are long. We've entered the half of autumn that's adjacent to winter, and I can definitely feel the temperature change.

Come November, the year suddenly feels mostly used up. I may feel that way more than many because I complete another year of life in November. So why do I still like this month?

First, there are birthdays. I mentioned I have one coming up, and my partner Jack also has an early November birthday (tomorrow!). Our birthdays give us a good chance to privately celebrate the end of one wonderful year and the start of another. Endings aren't so bad as long as there's a beginning too. And November isn't all cold weather. There are some warm, sunny days, and knowing they're less common than in prior months, I tend to appreciate them more. Finally, November winds up with Thanksgiving, which marks the start of the holiday season.

November's a good month, proof we can enjoy ourselves even as we hunker down for the winter ahead. Hope you all have a wonderful November. I plan to.


  1. I'm trying to appreciate November for the beauty it is. It's also my dad's birthday on the 5th. He'd be 83. He was the age I am now the last time I saw him.

    The lake is host to swans this day, but they're keeping their distance. I keep stretching my neck to see if they're moving this way, but no such luck. I'd take a photo is they do. I think their presence is a gift. They come early early spring and don't return until now. It's almost as if we did something right to warrant their visit.

    It may be a humdrum day, but I'm going to follow your lead, Keith. I'm going to embrace this very special time of year.

  2. Good deal, Joylene. November is too good a month to ignore. The way I see it, the swans are tempting you to come out and accept the treat you deserve. Don't argue with the swans. They know.