Monday, August 17, 2009

Two-bit Manchild (and his dog)

Pardon my sweat, but I got off the treadmill grooving to Neil Diamond (doesn't everyone?) and discovered my dog Tripp likes to groove with me. Thought I'd capture it quickly in case it's just a passing mood. Ain't he something?
The music wasn't captured, but Neil Diamond's Two-bit Manchild was playing. Now it's the official first Fresh Sweat Clap and Howl favorite. 


  1. fan-freakin'-tastic! This will go viral before you know it and you'll be on AFV or CNN/HLN (because all they seem to broadcast is infotainment - and this is WAY better). Love the dog!

  2. If I'd known that, I might have taken a shower first. Or at least let the sweat dry. But probably not. Hey, I'm just the accompanist. Tripp's the star!