Saturday, March 28, 2009

Detailed dreams

Last night I dreamt I entered a room from the dark, and it was so bright I couldn't crack my eyes open against the light. The room was familiar but neglected for a long time. I smelled dust...and some similar odor I recognized but couldn't yet identify. I needed to stay there for hours--to rest, I think--but I suspected rattlesnakes lurked. They were what I smelled with the dust. I strained my ears, knowing exactly the sound I was listening for, but I couldn't heard them. I tried again to open my eyes, but they wouldn't adjust to the glare, and it was too painful. My dog (a German Shepherd mix that died over a year ago) was with me. I didn't want her bitten, so I squatted and kept her pressed against my side. She was warm and soft against me.

My dreams are vivid, and it's easy to understand why. I see colors (if I can open my eyes), feel textures, hear familiar sound, and smell the slightest aroma. That's a good lesson to remember when I write. If I want my fiction to be as vivid as my dreams, incorporate the senses.

Now if I could only get my dreams to finish plotting novels for me--in a way that still makes sense when I'm awake--I'd have it made.


  1. What do you suppose your dream means?

    I dreamed that I showed up in Kandahar and ran into Cory. Of course, he was shocked to see me. "Ma, what are you doing here?"

    I didn't know, so I started stuttering. lol. He was there for over 6 mos and now that he's out of there, I dream about being there? Weird.

  2. Yeah, maybe the stress has eased, so now your mind can dream of it.

    Meaning in mine? I see lots of potential meaning, as always. It wasn't particularly stressful, just irritating that my eyes wouldn't adjust so I could see. Maybe I didn't want to see Nicky and face the reality that she's not alive. Oh, that plays, doesn't it? Trying to see caused me pain, so I left my eyes shut and held on to her.

    Actually, I notice in my dreams I often find reason to touch those I miss. In this one, I held Nicky against me, and we felt safe. The memory of the smell of snakes comes from childhood. We used to keep snakes as pets. I think the room was my childhood bedroom too, but I never saw it. I remember thinking there was a twin bed in there.

    Ain't dreams fun. I'm glad I wrote that one down before it faded.