Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What makes me show teeth

I'm a smiler. Ask anyone who's met me. I smile easily and often. Sometimes I smile for no apparent reason, which I'm sure can make those around me uncomfortable. I make no apologies. But in pictures, my partner Jack complains I look too serious.

I think he'll like the photo someone sent me today, however. It was taken at the recent SouthWest Writers Awards Banquet. This is what I look like when receiving an award for my novel DARK KNOWLEDGE.

That's Rob Spiegel, President of SouthWest Writers, beside me. I'm not sure how long his smile lasted after this shot. Knowing Rob, it was probably a long time. Rob's a smiler too. But I bet mine lasted longer. Wait a minute. Let me go check...

Yep. Still there.


  1. Hooray!! From all the pictures I've seen of you, I was beginning to wonder if you even had teeth!

  2. As I'll be saying Halloween in my Dracula costume, "Yes, dear, I do have teeth. Long, sharp teeth. The better to bite you with."

  3. But when one reads your posts, there's no doubt about just how wonderful that smile is.