Monday, September 29, 2008

My Lucky 13 Tips for Dialogue

Today I'm proud to be a guest blogger at a site maintained by four published murder mystery authors. Surf on over to the Murder by 4 blog to read my 13 tips on writing dialogue. Pick any one of them to serve as my Tuesday Tip for Writers this week.

Be sure to browse all the great entries on this blog and bookmark it. It's one of the blogs I routinely visit.


  1. "Dialogue is more than spoken words. A lifted eyebrow or forced smile can convey more meaning than a spoken sentence. Non-verbal responses can add nuance or completely change the meaning of spoken words."

    I picked this one. I like non- verbal communication.

  2. Me too. I find it amazing how much communication is non-verbal in real life. I don't think people realize how much they say without speaking. And I must admit, when the spoken word doesn't mesh with what I'm getting from body language, I tend to believe the body language--especially when it comes from someone I know well enough to read.